I have tried for so long to put this thank you letter together, but I just feel it could get too long winded, or just to soppy in general. Plus, let’s face it, I’m pretty sure your boss reads my blog, and I didn’t want to give any more banter ammunition.

Since the beginning, this hasn’t been your average “love story” and boy, do we know it. Whenever I’m asked if it was love at first sight, the looks I get when I say that it wasn’t are hilarious. I think it shocks people to hear that. Though to be honest with you, whenever I’m asked about how we became a couple, I never know what to say. I guess I’m worried about people’s reactions and opinions. I feel like it’ll change their perspective of me, make them think badly of me. I don’t know why I care so much about what other people think. Well I do, but I’m trying not to use my anxiety as an excuse for everything, as I’m sure some people try to.


To many people, I wasn’t the right person for you. People thought you were taking on so much more than you could chew, delving head first into a huge pool of drama. And let’s be realistic, they were right. I was a ticking time bomb, heading toward a mental breakdown, with an unpredictable ex, and a two year old son to look after.


None of that ever mattered to you. We were just two people who fell in love. And so what if the timing was a bit bad, when is timing ever good? Those first few months, I treated you so badly. You were an emotional punchbag, and you never deserved to put up with any of it. You persevered. You tolerated my emotional outbursts, my mood swings, my coping mechanisms, all of it. What on earth possessed you to do so, I’ll probably never understand, but I will forever be thankful that you did.


So here goes, what may seem a never ending list of thankyou’s.


Thank you for knowing how to handle me, or at least pretending you do. You do a bloody good job of it. I know I am definitely not one of the easiest women to deal with, but you always manage to calm me down, and you know how to make me smile again.


Thank you for holding my hand, literally and figuratively. I love holding your hand when we go for a walk, when we’re at your parents, even just sitting on the sofa. It helps to reassure me that you’re happy.


Thank you for continually supporting me, for praising me for my achievements, appreciating my struggles and just genuinely always being the person to cheer me on when the going gets tough. “Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheer leader, he is always right there when I need him..”


Thank you for our beautiful daughter, who is an absolute gem. I cannot thankyou enough for her, for everything you’ve done for her and for me. Waiting on me hand and foot during pregnancy, being absolutely incredible during labour, the support when we were establishing breastfeeding, the nappy changes, just keeping me company during night feeds, helping me get over my fear of bathing her, everything.


Thank you for taking on my son. You are the best role model for my son and for that I will be entirely thankful. Nothing else needs saying on this.


Thank you for stealing the duvet. Every damn night. But it lets me know you’re still lying next to me and that you’ve not gone anywhere.


Thank you for not being fed up with giving me constant reassurance. I know it sounds so silly. I know the continuous questions must drive you insane. I just need to hear those words.


Thank you for being you. For being the person who I can share letters like this to, for giving me the life I never thought I’d have. You have changed my entire outlook on life in less than two years. I cannot wait to spend eternity with you by my side.


I love you, forever,


Your Gem